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Tracking Dogs in Northern Virginia

Tracking Dogs and Scent Detection In Northern Virginia

Dogs are man’s best friend, and love working with their humans.  Dogs can be used for numerous different tasks. Some dogs were made to track objects. Some dogs are used for tracking and hunting larger game. There are some dogs that were made for assisting people who need help or to help law enforcement find drugs or other contraband. Of course, there are some dogs that were meant to just sit on your lap while binge watching television with you.

Tracking dogs, much like these other dogs, they were trained with a specific purpose in mind. When people refer to tracking, they are discussing the method where dogs are trained to locate a specific object or person. Tracking is an ability that dogs were born with as it is an essential skill that is required of them for survival out in the wild so that they are able to track down and hunt their prey. Humans quickly discovered that they were able to use this innate technology to help them in their lives. This is when they were used to get rid of diseased rats to stop the spread of disease and to help humans hunt their own prey. Soon, dog tracking was used to help law enforcement to help find missing people and/or suspects.

Dog tracking is possible because dogs have an amazing sense of smell because they have a very sensitive olfactory that can discriminate between different scents. The dogs can also use visual cues to follow something they are tracking. This happens in different phases. First, the dog will try to find a track through short sniffs. After the dog has found the track, they will sniff longer in order to find the direction to follow. After they find the direction, they will sniff regularly while quickly moving in that direction.

When looking for your Northern Virginia tracking dog course, you will want to make sure that they have had all of the proper training. There are also different types of tracking that dogs can perform, and understanding which will better meet your needs and can really help with your search. Trailing dogs require an object to get a scent from in order to find the difference between the different people involved and will track scents nose down on a trail. An air-scenting dog will track nose up, and do not require an item in order to track a scent.

Dogs are not just great companions, but they are also amazing dogs to help with a variety of tasks. Dogs are especially an asset due to their amazing tracking abilities. They are great tools for law enforcement and hunters to help them complete their tasks. They are especially helpful in situations that require looking for a person or some contraband that can be dangerous to the community. Dogs love having tasks that keep them busy and they have a lot of uses that can make them cute and lovable assets to humans.

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-Nick White
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