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  • Raising the Perfect Dog: Puppy Training Video Course

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    “Raising the Perfect Dog” is an online puppy training course by Nick White, designed to help you raise a happy, obedient dog. The course includes 24 instructional videos, 8 printable worksheets, and quizzes to test your learnings. Topics covered include basic obedience, potty, and crate training, socialization, and preventing problem behaviors. Ideal for new puppy owners, this course provides all the tools you need for a well-behaved pup and a strong, lifelong bond.

  • Mastering the Place Command

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    Discover the power of the “Place” command in our concise course, “Mastering the Place Command.” Learn to teach your dog to go to and stay in a designated spot, enhancing safety, behavior, and your bond. Ideal for all dog owners seeking a well-behaved companion, this course provides step-by-step guidance, practical tips, and real-world applications. Unlock a new level of communication and control with your furry friend today!

  • Mastering the Recall: eCollar Video Course

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    “Mastering the Recall” is an e-collar training course by celebrity dog trainer Nick White, designed to ensure reliable recall in dogs. The course offers over 3 hours of video lessons, from basic to advanced techniques, suitable for all breeds and ages. It’s ideal for achieving off-leash freedom and enhancing safety, it’s perfect for dog owners and professional trainers.

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    Raising the Perfect Dog (eBook)

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    “Raising the Perfect Dog” is a comprehensive eBook by Nick White, offering 100 pages of strategies and checklists for puppy training. It covers selecting the right breed, crate training, building confidence, socialization, establishing leadership, command training, and solving common puppy problems. The eBook also includes bonus materials like puppy evaluation, a vaccination guide, and various checklists for a well-rounded training experience. It’s a valuable resource for new puppy owners aiming to raise a happy, healthy, obedient dog.