Offleash K9 is a remarkable trainer, client, and friend.  His Mal, Duke, he got from us and he has done, in my opinion, the best training that I have ever seen!  He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to work with our clients and their new puppies.  I get calls from our clients all the time thanking me for the reference to Offleash K9.  Some owners are ready to throw the towel in thinking that their pup can't be trained.  One session with Offleash K9 and all the doubts are erased from their minds!  I would (and do) recommend Offleash K9 White to anyone interested in obedience; basic or advanced.  He has mastered the art of dog training (and owner training).

Move over Cesar Milan, Offleash K9 White has arrived!

-Lisa Comras, Owner of Blue Mountain Malinois

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