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Statistically speaking, though dogs are responsible for human deaths on a very low scale yet they do happen. Pit bulls are associated with almost one third of dog bite related fatalities and half of that can be attributed to Rottweilers. Therefore these two breeds of dogs, more than others, have earned the reputation of being dangerous especially as all headlines about dog bite related human deaths make mention of them too.

If you go into dog history you will realize that these are breeds of dogs that have been trained to be fighter dogs. While dog fighting might be a thing of the past but their instinctive traits as fighters do come to the forefront from time to time. Besides this, they were also trained to bait bulls and bears and guard the house. However after the creation of the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Pit bulls Rottweilers and German shepherds are some breeds of dogs, the ownership of which is banned by law.

The most dangerous dogs are not those that you name by breed but those that have not been made dangerous by human beings. Dogs are great companions provided that you have shown them respect, trust and love. No dog can go wrong if it is able to see these traits in their human companions. The fact that Pit bulls, German shepherds, Rottweilers, and Mastiffs were chosen for dog fights turned them into dangerous breeds as that was what human beings trained them to become. These breeds were also selected by drug trafficking gangs to protect their operations and money and this further turned them into being known as dangerous dogs.

The fact of the matter is that almost any breed of dogs, terriers or even Pomeranians could become aggressive and dangerous if they have received that training or lack thereof. The fact that the Therapy Dog of the Year is a docile Pit bull named, Elle, Illustrates that this breed too can be trained to be docile too. These aggressive instincts are now dormant since dogs were domesticated by human beings thousands of years ago. Dogs no longer need to hunt for food and so they do not really have killer instincts either. However, these aggressive instincts can come to the forefront any time, in any breed if they are trained or treated in a way that allows them to witness aggressive behavior.

Dogs can develop behavioral issues depending on the nature of the pack leader. If the environment around them is one of high energy as displayed by the pack leader others will also develop the same energy. If the energy around them is one that encourages docility the dogs will pick up their cue from that. Dogs can be great companions provided we communicate our need for their companionship in a partnership that fosters love and not aggression. All you need to do is direct the dog’s instincts in the right direction.

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