What Is The Best Dog Training Program in Northern Virginia?

At Off-Leash K9 Training, we are considered the best dog training program in Virgina and even far beyond, as you will see in our reviews, 400+ videos, and celebrities who have flown their dogs to us from all throughout the United States.

What Can You Expect during Dog Training?

Are you excited to have your dog trained? We are too! So you will know what to expect, read the following:

Your dog will be off the leash.

As much as possible, we want you to feel comfortable and secure that your dog is not on a leash. It is a win-win situation for you both: your dog can have a lot of time and space for himself or herself while you do not have to worry about your dog’s getting lost. He or she easily responds to your commands.

However, we are also aware that almost all dogs do not react to commands when they come to us. So we are going to let the dogs wear an e-collar. This is a special device that works similarly like an electronic fence. Using a remote control, it generates a beep or a vibration (picture a ringing phone). It is a way of communicating to the dog and catching his or her attention to the training, you can see over 400+ dogs we have trained on our youtube channel.

The e-collar won’t hurt them at all.

Many people refer to it as a “shock collar” which always send chills down our spine, it does not “shock” at all, it’s a very subtle stimulation (like stim pads physical therapists use).  We actually make every client of ours try it on their first lesson, they are always pleasantly surprised on how subtle it really is.   In fact, when a dog is properly trained, they are eager to wear them and become excited when they see them. This is because they have learned to associated the e-collar with lots of time outside, training, and play.  See our blog posting on, “Will the ecollar hurt my dog?”

Your dogs are trained by professionals.

Our dog training Northern Virginia is now found across the country. We already have trained and licensed dog trainers, so all you have to do is to contact us so we can give you the best persons or training school to talk to. Though you can buy DVDs and other training materials for dog modification behavior, personal trainings are still the best. The trainers can easily adjust or even customize the sessions according to different factors such as your own schedule, the dog’s temperament, etc.  We have trained the dogs of some of the top celebrities in the country, as you can see on the testimonials page of our website.  We range from former military, law enforcement, and private sector experience, as well.

There are different packages to choose from.

Our Northern Virginia dog training includes various packages like the Basic Obedience Starter Package, which already includes individual lessons and some tools for training. This costs $350. After that, the succeeding sessions will be worth $100 only. There are also some advanced lessons. We can recommend the best package for you based off of your needs and expectations.

We can also train puppies.

In fact, we highly recommend our puppy training Northern Virginia. We want to make sure that your puppy grows up following only the correct behaviors. We train puppies as young as 5 months old; however, we also has a special Virginia puppy training for those that are below such age. Instead of an e-collar, we’re going to use marker and treat training to begin shaping your dog’s behaviors at a young age.

You will play a huge role during the training.

Hey, it’s your dog, after all. We make sure that our leash training in Northern Virginia includes the owner. You can watch at first, and as the sessions go on, you will then take the lead. Our clients love this setup as they can also bond some more with their dogs.

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