Can My Aggressive Dog Be Fixed? Dog Aggression Training in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Dog Aggression Trainers
Everyday at our dog training facility in Northern Virginia, we work with aggression in dogs (food aggression, dog aggression, people aggression, etc).

Rehabilitation of any nature, whether it be man or dog has a complicated history. Yes, most dogs and people that tend to show signs of extreme aggression can be rehabilitated. But also no, there are some people and dogs who show signs and behavior that prove that rehabilitation is just simply not possible. The only way to find out for sure if an aggressive dog can be rehabilitated is to try training and attempt to do so.

It’s impossible for us to tell you based off of a phone conversation or really even an eval (generally) where they will be at after training.

To start, try out training and behavior modification lessons along with structured obedience training.  Such training, especially for aggressive dogs is usually only possible or successful through the strict guidance of a canine behavior specialist, a type of dog trainer who is used to behaviors usually exhibited by aggressive dogs. Definitely do not make the mistake of hiring a trainer from a big name pet store, simple training from them will not ever be able to fully change aggressive behavior. Changing aggressive behavior is a two-fold process, one that includes both training and behavior modification and they both include complete dedication by the owner to the rehabilitation of the aggressive dog.

The second part of changing aggressive behavior in dogs in behavior modification and that exists in a variety of steps, different for each dog. This could include but are not limited to, perhaps giving the dog more exercise. Sometimes the aggressive behavior in dogs is due to an uncomfortable living space where an owner is simply neglectful or the dog is under-socialized. Other tools of behavior modification include re-teaching or teaching the dog of their status in the family. Ways to do this include keeping the dog off the furniture, only feeding the dog after the family eats, door manners, obedience training, structure, and consistency.  By doing these things, you cement into the dog that their position in the family falls beneath that of the alpha, the owner.

These are only a few tricks and tools that can be employed by a canine behavior specialist at Off Leash K9 Training to attempt to remodel the behavior of an aggressive dog. But even these tricks and training are far from being fail-safe methods of rehabilitation. Each and every case of aggressive dog behavior is different from the last and each one will require a different amount of training and behavior modification pattern.  However, they all in common a major commitment from the owner.

The other facet that comes to the rehabilitation of an aggressive dog, in the hopes of returning it to being a peaceful and loving member of the family is coming to understand that the rehabilitation of an aggressive dog is not an overnight process. Each process will vary, sometimes the owners will see progression towards more loving behavior in a matter of a few days and sometimes, the rehabilitation process will take a few weeks or even a few months. Regardless of the time, not giving up on the rehabilitation hopes of your aggressive dog is the only hope you and your dog have.

If you have an aggressive dog (people aggression, dog aggression, food aggression, etc) and you want to help make him/her better, contact Off Leash K9 Training today! or 888-413-0896 or [email protected]

-Nick White
Off Leash K9 Training

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