Dog Boarding and Training in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Dog Board and Train

We have the highest rated board and train program for your dog in Northern Virginia. In fact, Northern Virginia Magazine named us “Best Dog Trainers of 2014, 2015, and 2016!

We have people come from all throughout the US for our board and training program! As you will see, our client list includes: Actor Ryan Reynolds, John Cena, WWE Star Daniel Bryan, NBA Star John Wall, UFC World Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, MLB Star Pitcher Max Scherzer,  National’s Pitcher Gio Gonzalez, Nationals star Jayson Werth, UFC’s Rashad Evans,  Model Marissa Fraering, Actress Carolyn Stotesberry, World Champion Boxer Roy Jones Jr, UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer, film star Ron Jeremy, 3x UFC Champion Rich “Ace” Franklin, WWF World Champion Iron Sheik, Kane Hodder (“Jason” from the Friday the 13th movies), the staff from the hit show “Operation Repo,” and Elliot’s dog from Elliot in the Morning on DC 101!  You can see them and many more on the testimonials page of our website.

While your dog is in our 2-week board and train program, we spend over 50+ hours of “actual” training time working with your dog! As you can see on our YouTube channel, we have over 600+ before/after videos of board and trains alone (1600+ videos total).

While your dog is training with us, they are worked countless hours with dogs, noises, people, objects, and vehicles. You can see all of these various distractions implemented in our board and train videos.

While here, your dog will be near flawless in the following 8 commands:
Heeling (on and off leash)
Extended Down

In addition to these things, we also can address all common and most specific behavior issues, as well; jumping, excessive barking, counter-surfing, mouthing, door manners, etc.

While your pup is going through our training program, we send you daily update videos so you can actually see your dog’s daily progress in our training program!

When you pick your dog up from our training facility, we do a 3-hour turnover with you! The dog already has the commands mastered, now it’s YOUR turn to master our state-of-the-art training system! During these 3 hours, we will break down everything your dog does 1 command at-a-time.

Essentially, our breakdown is demo’ing the command for your (for example; come and sit). We do it 5-6 times, then we have you do it numerous times. Then, we tell you how it’s possible for your dog to mess up the command, and we show and explain to you how to correct it. Then, we literally TRY to get your dog to mess up the command, so we can give you a real example of what it all looks like. Many people are very surprised to find that while doing a turnover, sometimes we CANNOT get your dog to mess up! Although, we really try, so you can see what the correction process looks like.

Once you have a firm understanding of that command and how it works, then we move on to the second command and repeat the above-stated process.

After we go through all of these commands, then we take you and your dog outside and off leash (realistic environment) and have you practice all of these commands with your dog.

Finally, at the end we have YOU to give US a demo with your dog (essentially like an “after” video on our Youtube channel). This is your final test for you to prove to us (and yourself) that you full understand how to maintain your dog’s amazing obedience and behavior.

Additionally, with our 2-week board and train program, we offer a free refresher class for LIFE. If at anytime your dog starts to not do well on a command, you bring them back in and we do a refresher with you.

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