Dog Tracking Courses in Virginia

Tracking Dogs in Virginia

Are you interested in a dog tracking course in Virginia? We can help!

A dog with tracking ability can be a great asset to hunters, police,  service dogs, or just for fun!  All dogs use their sense of smell to help them throughout the day.  A simple walk can be a great experience for a dog to learn about the world around them.  They know where other dogs have been even when humans don’t have a clue.  This natural aspect of canine behavior is a great starting point for training your dog for many different things.

Dogs had to find food in the wild before they were ever domesticated.   While many breeds have been influenced by domestic preferences, most still have good natural instincts.  This can be seen by any observant dog owner.  They sniff everything, turn in circles before bed, and protect their families and food sources.  Owners of dogs specifically used for tracking are just working with a dogs natural abilities and fine tuning them to focus on certain activities.

If you desire to track with you canine friend, it may be a good idea to consider this from the moment you pick out your furry buddy.  While all dogs have strong scent detection ability, some breeds are a little better set up for hunting and tracking.  Their natural mentality and physical make-up can make each breed good at different things.  Snout shape and size contribute to ease of tracking.  Dogs with shorter snouts and squished faces may get overheated easily and not be able to stay outside as long.  There is a lot of physical activity involved in tracking activities, as well.  Some dogs have more naturally high energy levels than others.  Prey instincts also have been known to be more prevalent in certain breeds.  Do your research on breeds before deciding on a companion.

As a dog ages, they may be less efficient with tracking as well.  It is also understood that male dogs may have better scent detection abilities than females.  A well trained dog that is well bonded with its owner will do the best job, however.  Dogs usually aim to please and enjoy praise and rewards.   A kind and appreciative owner will add to the dog’s ability and confidence.  Make sure to practice with games and exercises before going out in the field.

Police dogs are usually a specific breed and have professional trainers to prepare dogs for finding things like humans or missing persons.  This is a situation where the trainers are used to working with a specific breed and get to know them very well.  The dog also have to form a trusting relationship with the officer that will be working with it on a regular basis.  This relationship should not be underestimated when considering performance of tracking dogs.

Whatever your choice of dog, be sure to hire a trainer such as Off Leash K9 Training or research the many tried and true methods for focusing your dog’s tracking skills.  Focus on the relationship with your dog from day one.  Take your dog places with you, go for walks, and play with him.  A well trained and bonded dog will offer years of enjoyment and friendship on or off of the hunting field.

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-Nick White
Off Leash K9 Training

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