What Are The Requirements To Have A Service Dog In Virginia?

We get asked service dog questions a lot at our facility in Northern Virginia. ADA (American Disabilities Act) is the governing body for these regulations. The American Disabilities Act has certain regulations in place regarding the definition and purpose of service dogs. This has been revised several times, with the latest revision being on March…

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Therapy Dog Training and Certification in Northern Virginia

We work with therapy dogs at our facility in Northern Virginia on a daily basis. Certain dogs have nice characteristics and certain behaviors that creates the perfect well-balanced friendly dog for individuals. In fact, because of this specific disposition, trainers can easily measure or choose the most appropriate coaching system/method. We can decide which profession…

Therapy Dog Training in Northern Virginia: Northern Virginia Therapy Dog Training

We can give your dog the tools to pass therapy dog testing at our facility in Northern Virginia. On a monthly basis, our trained dogs pass their therapy dog testing with ease. If you look at our YouTube Channel, you will see all of our trained actually “exceed” the standards laid out for therapy dogs….