What Are Some Tips For Traveling With Your Dog?

Traveling With Your Dog
Traveling is already a stressful endeavor. Traveling with a dog becomes even more stressful. If you aren’t well prepared, traveling with a dog can become dangerous.

Designating and securing a spot for the dog in the back of the car is a must. Leaving a dog loose is a first worst mistake when traveling with a dog. A startled dog that is distracted by something outside the car or something else, could lead to the possibility of of the dog landing in your lap and possibility distracting you from your driving, placing all the occupants of the car in extreme danger. Also, a second good reason for securing your dog in the back of the car is that if in the case of an accident, having the dog secured will greatly increase chance of survival and prevention from death.

Also, traveling with a kit full of the dogs’ necessary medicines as well as a copy of their medical records is another necessary precautionary measure. If in the case of needing to use them, they will be right at your fingertips instead of possibly being a world away at home where they won’t be of much use to you or the dog.

Obviously, you pack for a trip. But also to remember to pack for the trip for your dog. This is probably one of the most important tips for when traveling with a dog. Be sure to include a food and a water bowl as well as enough dog food to adequately last the duration of the trip. This is especially important for dog owners whose dogs eat a special kind of food that may not be available at the place of your trip destination.

If you decide to travel during the warm weather months, make sure to pack plenty of bottle water to soothe the thirst of your dog. Packing extra water if planning, say a beach trip, is important in order to combat potential car breakdowns or traffic delays.

Another thing to consider, especially in trips that occur during hot weather is to allow for enough hair circulation within the car for the dog. This can be achieved by leaving windows in the back of the car open enough to allow such fresh air to enter. In tune with this, make sure that none of those open windows are open wide enough to tempt a dog to jump out of them.

Once you’ve made sure the dog is properly fed, given enough water and fresh air remember that like children, dogs will get extremely bored on long road trips. Include a favorite chew toy, bone or treat to distract the dog for a few hours during the trip. This will give him something fun to do and will also provide some comfort on the journey.

As much as possible, stop for breaks to allow the dog to comfortably stretch and walk around. This might require a leash, so don’t leave that necessary item at home. Also, giving your dog enough room in the backseat to move around a bit will ease the toll of the journey on the dog. Just like you prepare for your own trip, make sure you also prepare for your dogs’ trip, it will make the whole experience a better one.

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