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In many parts of the US and the world, ticks are a big problem for dogs. They burrow their heads into the skin of the dog and feed on the blood of the dog. Many ticks carry diseases that can seriously harm your pet, and some breeds of ticks can even be lethal to animals. Because they are small and hard to find, often taking refuge in dense hair or within your pet’s ears, they are hard to see and often owners don’t know that their dog has picked up a tick until the scary symptoms require a rushed trip to the vet. There are a lot of chemical products that are supposed to keep the ticks away, but there are several natural solutions that might help as well.

Check your dog regularly.

Using a fine toothed comb, brush down your dog regularly, checking the skin carefully. Don’t forget to check inside the ears and between the toes as well. Removing ticks can be difficult if you have not done it before, so ask your vet for a demonstration first to make sure you can remove the tick completely and without causing any damage.

Apply tick-repellent sprays directly to the coat. You can use a lemon, cut into quarters and put into a jar of boiling water overnight. The next day, spray it over your dog. Watch your dog carefully the first couple of times to ensure there is no allergic reaction. If there is any negative reaction at all, discontinue use. Do not use on cats as they will lick it off their fur and it will make them sick.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mix On Dog’s Coat.
This type of vinegar works much the same as garlic does, by making your dog less appetizing to the tick. Add some apple cider vinegar to water and apply to your dog’s coat.

Rose geranium oil.
A couple of drops applied to your dog’s collar is said to get rid of ticks. Do not use this remedy with cats, as they will lick it off and poison themselves.

Peppermint Oil.
Applying peppermint oil on a tick, will often times make them “back out” of where they are burrowed on you or your dog!

Herbal tick collars.
There are several brands of herbal tick collars now available. Check out your local pet store or talk to your vet for more information.

It can be scary or just disgusting to find a tick on your dog. With the recent movements towards natural remedies, these alternatives to toxic and dangerous chemicals have proven effective in radically reducing the chances of infestation. Because they’re safe and natural, you can use these remedies at the same time to ensure that your dog remains tick-free and you never have to dig them out of your dog’s skin ever again.

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