After School Snack Ideas your Kids can Share with the Dog

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While doing our boarding and training program in Northern Virginia, we always get asked questions about dog food and snacks!

There are few things cuter than kids and their dogs. Best friends for life and inseparable, kids share everything with their dogs, including food. Parents may never know who really ate the vegetables when the plates are cleared at dinner, but it’s all worth it. The hard part can be keeping the dog healthy when a child is constantly handing over various foods to their pet, or your toddler is leaving a food trail on the floor. Fortunately, there are some great snacks that are healthy for the both the kids and the dogs.

Snack time
After school snack time can be chaotic. The kids walk through the door starving, and the dog is jumping all over the place happy to see their best friend. This may be a time of day that is less supervised than mealtime, so this is the perfect time to present a hassle free snack. You can calm your fears and relax while your child and dog are sharing the goods at snack time by choosing from the many dog safe foods you eat every day. There are also some great dog friendly recipes out there for a special treat. Take care to establish rules about feeding so your dog doesn’t develop bad habits or aggression, however.

Who Doesn’t Love Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a commonly used ingredient in dog treat recipes. While peanut butter can be a good source of protein, you need to be careful what type you buy if your dog will be having a taste. Sugar is never a good idea for kids or dogs, so look for a natural version with little or no added sugar. Creamy is probably easier for both as well. There are some great organic choices out there to keep everyone healthy. Look online for great dog friendly recipes that use peanut butter.

Yogurt is often used to promote digestive health in dogs and humans alike. Plain, organic yogurt is best for dogs and can be used in many creative ways. Forget the expensive frozen dog treats from the store. Get out an ice cube tray out and freeze yogurt for a yummy frozen snack option. Yogurt can also me mixed with peanut butter before freezing for extra tasty fun. Kids can add some dog safe fruits as well.

Fruits and Vegetables
Apples and bananas are often offered after school and can be offered to the family dog when prepared properly. Even large dogs need to have their snacks cut up into smaller pieces or they may swallow large pieces of food in a hurry to scarf it down. Take care to consider the size of your dog when preparing fruit and vegetables. Removing peels before serving can lessen the risk of choking. While you may have a hard time convincing your kid to eat green vegetables, your dog can actually benefit from some greens. Zucchini and peas are on the safe list.

Before feeding any human foods to your dog, check out a reputable list of toxic foods from your veterinarian’s office. Grapes and chocolate are the two most well-known toxic foods for dogs. Be very careful what you let children walk around the house with. You aren’t the only parent that finds week old snacks hiding in the couch cushions. Chances are, your dog will find an abandoned snack before you do, so make sure it is a safe one.

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