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Why Group Dog Training Classes are Bad

We only do private dog training sessions at our facility in Northern Virginia, there are many reasons for this.

First, I always say, “I have never seen a dog that impressed me in obedience that did it through group training or group sessions.”   I have said this for years, and to this day, I have NEVER been proven wrong.

As the owner of a major dog training business, we could do group classes and we could charge 10 people per hour verse 1 person per hour, it would be great for business; however, I know that we wouldn’t put out QUALITY dogs by using this approach.  That is why I have always and will always refuse to do group classes.  I would much rather put out quality than quantity.

When doing private dog training lessons, the trainer can actually customize the training to your specific dog, your specific dog’s issues, and tailor the program to how your dog is actually responding to the training.

“Cookie cutter” programs never work really well; meaning, there are 10 dogs in the room and one trainer is saying, “Everyone do it like this.”  Dogs are much like people, they learn differently, at different paces, and learn better with different styles.  So, if you are in a group class and your dog is accelerating, you will be left waiting around for everyone to catch up; however, if your dog is slower, he/she will get left behind because the instructor has to keep the pace of the class.

At our dog obedience training in Northern Virginia, we get your dogs amazing in obedience on their own, and then we add in distractions.  Whereas group classes “try” to get your dogs to learn new things, while they are highly distracted, this is a very unfair approach of training the dogs.

Also, in private training sessions, YOU have the trainer’s undivided attention.  You can ask as many questions as you want, you don’t have to spend an hour “waiting your turn,” and you get a wealth of knowledge about other dog training issues specific to YOUR dog during your private session.

So, if you want your dog to get the most effective training and results, stick to private training sessions over group classes.  Group classes are good for socialization with people and other dogs; however, they are not a conducive learning environment for the dog.

You can read the blog post I wrote on Why Your Dog Should Not Attend Group Training Sessions.

Nick White



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