Should My Dog Wear Clothes?

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The Pros and Cons of Clothes for Dogs

In a pet forum, one of the fastest ways to get a thread started is to make a statement either for or against the concept of clothes for dogs. Dog owners of both viewpoints will be getting very worked up about the topic each convinced that the other viewpoint is totally untrue/unnecessary/silly or that the pet they own is obviously an exception to any rule that might be made.

The major reason why people suggest they should put clothing on dogs is to keep them warm in colder weather and cool or protected from the sun in hot weather. Different breeds have a different need for protection from the weather. Very short haired or hairless dogs will shiver if they go out in cool weather. They may even try to avoid going out. Unless it is bitterly cold, long-haired dogs or those that have a thick undercoat won’t notice the temperature extremes so much.

Another climate-related reason for dressing your pet is wet weather. Dog gear for rainy or snowy weather includes everything from a raincoat to snow boots. If the dog will tolerate the boots, they can save snow from getting between the toes or from balling up on the fur. However, not every dog will appreciate boots on its’ feet.

The look of the clothes is another reason for dressing the animal. Even those who don’t dress their animals will be amused at the small dog wearing a sweater that matches the owner’s sweater. Since people tend to project their own feelings onto pets, those who are opposed to the latest fashion for doggies think a frilly dainty little dress with matching bonnet or a clown costume simply looks silly.

If you do decide dressing the dog is something you want to attempt, match the clothing to the type of typical activity your pet enjoys. The attire should fit properly. Either too large or too small is uncomfortable for the active dog. Choose items that are easy to launder or clean. If the dog is too traumatized by a certain outfit, you may have to change your dog fashion designer.

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