What Are Things I Should Know About Getting A New Puppy?

So you have decided to take a big leap, and pick yourself up a new puppy. You find the cutest, fluffiest, most adorable puppy ever, and you bring him home.  Then you ask yourself, “What are things I should know about getting a new puppy?”The next morning you wake up to find that your cute puppy chewed through all your shoes, and is nosing his way through your garbage with a string of toilet paper trailing behind him. And you can’t call puppy trainers in Northern Virginia fast enough! Here are some tips for boosting your puppy’s overall success.

Tip #1: Train Well: Every well behaved puppy starts with great training. Puppies and dogs, just like humans, have to start out with learned behavior. And there’s no better way to train a brand new puppy, than our puppy training in Northern Virginia.  This is where we discuss pack leadership, confidence building, house breaking, and many other things!

Tip #2: Bonding Time: Puppies need to know who’s in charge. That’s why people who own dogs have always been referred to as the pack leader. Puppies grow up to be dogs, and dogs run in packs. If a dog is going to integrate well into your life,  it needs to know that you are the pack leader, so that it will obey when you give it a command and respect your higher position.

Tip #3: Eat Good, Be Good: Proper nutrition is just as important for your new puppy as it is for you. If you’ve ever binged on chocolates and other sugar filled foods, you’ll know how true this is. Talk to a vet or your puppies trainer if you need help determining which food(s) are appropriate for your puppy.

Tip #4: Play Time: While training is a vital part of helping a puppy develop the skills needed to be a great companion, play time is vital to their overall growth too. Be sure, in the midst of your busy schedule, that you take time to play with your new puppy. Both of you will benefit from the general activity of play time.  You will see that your new puppy will become very tired and will sleep for a couple hours after your interactive sessions.

Tip #5: Location: Wherever you live be sure to find a reputable trainer, preferably one who has references, to train your new bundle of joy. If you happen to live in Northern Virginia, there’s no better place to take your pup, than Off Leash K-9 Training. We teach your dog everything it needs to know in order to be your best friend.

Whether your new puppy is starting out on the right foot or not, sometimes specialized training is needed to help them reach their ultimate potential. Find a great trainer, remember to play around, feed your pup the best, and most importantly enjoy every minute of your new friend’s time.  If you’re having trouble locating a trainer, ask friends and family for a reference, and always talk to a trainer before scheduling any sessions. Ask for their credentials, references, and videos. This will undoubtedly put your mind at ease, to know that your puppy will be well trained, and well taken care of. To learn more about training your new puppy or to get important information you can visit: www.offleashk9training.com.

Nick White
Off-Leash K9 Training

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