Foods My Dog Should Not Eat On Thanksgiving?


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It’s that time of the year! At our dog training center in Northern Virginia, Thanksgiving food always comes up!

Your dog will probably be sniffing around the kitchen with high hopes as the turkey and other goodies are prepared for the Thanksgiving Day festivities.  As you sit down to a table full of delightful dishes, your dog stares up at you with those irresistible eyes.  Some people sneak their pets a bite or two while other dog owners go all out with a special holiday plate for their furry friends.  Think twice before you choose to give them just anything from the holiday table.  Some human foods are highly toxic to dogs.

The Turkey

There is good news for your dog considering the main dish.  His dreams of turkey can be safely fulfilled.  There are, however, some restrictions.  As you would with your meat, make sure it is cooked thoroughly.  Bacteria can harm dogs just as it does humans.  Avoid the bones.  Dogs and bones are thought to go together like peanut butter and jelly, but this just isn’t the case.  Cooked bones tend to splinter profusely and could choke or cut your dog.  They can also perforate intestines, causing internal damage.  Cut off the fat.  So much for the idea of throwing all the scraps in the dog food ball, if you wouldn’t eat it, neither should your pet. Make sure to remove the skin from any meat, as well.  Pancreatic caused by the fat found on poultry can be fatal.  A trip to the emergency veterinarian is not a part of a fun holiday tradition.   So, try to give your dog the fully cooked lean meat.


The Sides

The problem with most side dishes comes with the lesser ingredients used for seasoning or flavor.  Onions and garlic are commonly used in stuffing and other sides.  These are both unsafe for dogs and should be avoided.  Anemia can result and threaten your dog’s life.  Various seasonings are also not recommended for dogs.  It is hard to keep track of the many different seasonings added to side dishes. Unless you cook sides free of seasoning, it is best to keep the side dishes away from your dog.  Grease and fat are often present in sides such as gravy and can cause the aforementioned fatal pancreatitis.


Raw Foods

The turkey isn’t the only raw item lurking around on Thanksgiving morning.  Families are often also busy making breads, cakes, and cookies.  The dangers here are similar to those of humans.  Your dog will not know, however, to stay away from the raw turkey.  Keep your dog out of the kitchen and the turkey out of reach.  Some dogs just can’t resist temptation.  Sure, many of us grew up licking the bowl after grandma made a cake, don’t let your dog get to the batter.  Salmonella is a concern wherever raw eggs are present.  Bread dough often uses yeast and can cause dangerous bloating once in a dog’s stomach.  While the meal is being prepared, it is a good idea to busy your dog elsewhere with a safe treat or chew toy.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with your family and pets alike.  The holiday will be a lot more fun if everyone stays healthy and safe.  There are plenty of healthy dog treats and recipes that will make your pet happy without taking a chance with human dishes.  Make a little treat bag with a new toy or snack for your dog if you must do a little something extra.

Obviously, this list could go on and on with things that your dog should not eat on Thanksgiving; however, these are the main things that almost everyone will have.  To see a larger list, read our blog on Things Dogs Should Not Eat.

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-Nick White
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