Underground Dog Fence in Northern Virginia Installation Configurations

On a weekly basis, we deal with dog fence installations in Northern Virginia.

There are 3 general configurations; however, your fence can be as customized as you wish!

The first is just your backyard, this set-up just keeps your pet contained to the backyard  only.

invisible fence in northern virginia


The second set-up is one of the most popular, which we call a pinch-off.  This configuration allows your dog to be in the backyard, or in the front yard,  but it does not allow them to transfer back-to-front or front-to-back on their own.  The great thing about this configuration, is if your dog accidentally gets out the front door, they are still protected.


invisible fence in northern virginia


The last configuration is your entire perimeter.  This allows your dog to have access to the entire yard at any time.

invisible fence in northern virginia



An example of a customized fencing solution would be to do an interior loop (protect a pool, flower bed, a building you do not want your dog around, etc). In the example below, you can see a customized configuration.

Northern Virginia Invisible Fence

If you are looking to have a custom pet containment system put in your yard, contact us for a free quote!

www.dogfencenorthernvirginia.com or [email protected]



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