How Does Electronic Collar Dog Training Work?

5 Common Misconceptions about Dog Training

Ever since we’ve opened our training school for dogs right here in Northern Virginia, we’ve come across all sorts of inquiries—and misconceptions. We do feel bad about the latter because dog owners miss a very important service all because they’ve been misled for the longest time.

So we opted to clear all these myths today:

“It’ too expensive!”

Definitely there are a lot of trainings that are terribly expensive they can surely break the bank, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re interested in dog training Northern Virginia, you can look for training schools around the area and compare their prices. As for us, we charge around $600, which covers everything you need. Succeeding sessions will be only $100.

More than the costs, you need to think of the value of the program. A dog training isn’t just to develop obedience and control. It’s also about building a strong relationship with your pet through more effective communication.

“I have an e-collar, thank you.”

E-collars have become a well-known device for dog owners lately, and we at Northern Virginia dog training also use them. However, our goal is not to let those dogs wear these devices for the rest of their lives. Moreover, e-collars should not be utilized to develop submission but to foster obedience, excellent communication, and better change in behavior. The e-collars therefore are usually worn during the first phases of training. After that, they are removed since the dogs would have already been more responsive to commands even without them.

We always say that e-collars are mere taps on their shoulders, our way of telling them that we see something wrong or aware of their bad behavior, and we want them to pay attention to us so we could correct it.

“It’s meant for K-9s only.”

It’s true that most dog training schools around country have managed K-9 dogs from various defense departments. But that doesn’t mean the services are meant for the K-9s only. After all, all dogs need to be disciplined and nurtured properly. Nevertheless, since no dog is the same, we always try to make sure to customize the training according to the dog’s temperament and even your relationship with the pet.

“I still have a puppy with me.”

I remember how my mom used to say, “Never underestimate people, including babies.” It’s exactly the same thing with pets. A lot of people think that only large and old dogs can be trained. In fact, on our side, we think it’s best to start very early. That’s why we have puppy training Northern Virginia! Puppies, like babies, have fewer bad habits, so they are much easier to train.

“As they say, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.”

Again, it doesn’t really mater how old the dog is. If you have a good trainer, he or she will always learn something new and change for the better. We have trained numerous old dogs that have been into several nasty habits for many years, and yet they have changed within a short period of time.

Nick White
Off-Leash K9 Training

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