How Do I Get My Dog Into Competition Obedience?

Once you have gone through the processes of house training and basic off-leash training, why not go one stage further? Competition obedience training in Northern Virgina can be fun, interesting, and best of all your dog will really enjoy it. Dogs are made to be active, and competition obedience training fits the bill perfectly. Our obedience courses in Northern Virginia will exercise your dog physically as well as mentally. Mental fitness is very important for an animal that is naturally inquisitive and has a huge capacity for learning new things

If competition obedience seems beyond your capabilities at the moment, then just remember back to when your dog was a puppy. Did you think then that it would never be the happy, well adjusted animal that it is now? (if this is not the case, then you certainly need to attend one of our general obedience courses in Northern Virginia). Well, if you engage in competition obedience  training you will discover a whole new way to enjoy time with your dog. Competition obedience puts you in contact with very interesting people some of who might become firm friends, gives you the opportunity to travel and socialise, your dog will enjoy it immensely, and best of all you will experience the thrill of competition.

Don’t attempt competition work until you are confident.

The only way to judge whether you and your dog is ready to escalate to the competition obedience training level is to seek expert advice. Come along and watch one of our obedience courses in Northern Virginia and seek the advice of an expert. One of our trainers will soon be able to tell you whether you and your dog is ready. If not, they can suggest an additional training program to bring you up to the necessary level. Your dog must be willing to train and enjoy training with you more than it enjoys all the inevitable distractions around it.

We have taken many dogs up to championship level competition obedience and believe that most dogs can achieve a level which allows you to enjoy attending trials, whether they be just local fun events or more serious competitions where you will be up against some very competent dogs and owners. When you reach this level, you will find that progress becomes very rapid and the communication between you and your dog will become almost instinctive.

Nick White
Off-Leash K9 Training

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