Mastering the Recall: eCollar Video Course


“Mastering the Recall” is an e-collar training course by celebrity dog trainer Nick White, designed to ensure reliable recall in dogs. The course offers over 3 hours of video lessons, from basic to advanced techniques, suitable for all breeds and ages. It’s ideal for achieving off-leash freedom and enhancing safety, it’s perfect for dog owners and professional trainers.



Unleash True Freedom: Give Your Dogs the Off-Leash Life They Deserve!

This course spans over three hours and is the deepest dive ever seen into the techniques that have transformed the dogs of celebrities, athletes, and elite military units. Whether you’re a dog owner or a professional trainer, this course offers a never-before-seen glimpse into methods Nick White has perfected over 15 years, tailored for all breeds, ages, and sizes.

This course covers:

  • 12 Comprehensive Sections: Each section focuses on a critical aspect of off-leash recall, ensuring a thorough understanding and practice.
  • 50 In-Depth Videos: Delve into each training element with detailed explanations and demonstrations.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Prepare your dog for various environments, ensuring reliable recall wherever you are.