Raising the Perfect Dog (eBook)

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“Raising the Perfect Dog” is a comprehensive eBook by Nick White, offering 100 pages of strategies and checklists for puppy training. It covers selecting the right breed, crate training, building confidence, socialization, establishing leadership, command training, and solving common puppy problems. The eBook also includes bonus materials like puppy evaluation, a vaccination guide, and various checklists for a well-rounded training experience. It’s a valuable resource for new puppy owners aiming to raise a happy, healthy, obedient dog.



A 100-page PDF guide packed with the most comprehensive strategies and checklists for raising a happy, healthy pup!

Here’s what you’ll learn!

  • Choosing Your Perfect Companion
  • Crate Training Success
  • Building Confidence in Your Puppy
  • Effective Socialization
  • Establishing Leadership
  • Command Training with Clarity
  • Understanding Different Training Approaches
  • Practical Training Do’s and Don’ts
  • Solving Common Puppy Problems