Puppy Training with Positive Reinforcement in Northern Virginia

Train your puppy quickly and effectively with positive reinforcement techniques

The modern approach to puppy training, and indeed dog training in general, is a far cry from the old methods of punishing bad behaviour. It is now know that using positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, works far better and will cause your puppy to want to behave well and be always seeking your approval and respect, rather than behaving simply out of fear.

Our methods of puppy training in Northern Virginia rely exclusively on positive methods, added to which we train owners to understand the social aspects of dog behaviour. They are not human beings and have their own doggy culture, standards and behaviours. Many of these are built in to their genes and can only be adapted to human society. This is particularly true of puppy training in Northern Virginia. Puppies do not yet have any learnt behaviours, so owners will be able to learn by observation how a dog would behave in the natural world and gain a deeper understanding of their dog.

The right approach leads to a well adjusted and happy animal

Our courses in puppy training in Norther Virginia are aimed at producing a dog which has confidence in itself, is happy with its status within your family, is not continuously trying to dominate (this will only happen if the dog senses weakness in its owner) and is fully in control of itself. We help you to achieve this by educating you in dog psychology and how to maintain your place as leader of the pack. In fact for a fully balanced dog it is essential that the dog knows its status is at the bottom rung of the social scale. This does not mean it will be unhappy, just the opposite in fact. It will enjoy its life without feeling the need to compete for a better status. This is such an important factor that we pay great attention to it in all our courses of dog training in Northern Virginia. If you want an animal which is not living in a permanently stressed state it is vital to get this right. For first class courses on puppy training in Northern Virginia contact us today.

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