Changing Your Dog’s Attitude: Dog Training Virginia

Why Northern Virginia dog trainers need to change your dog’s attitude

Every once in awhile, even the most patient of dog owners will realize that their dog has developed an attitude problem. This may apply to you. You know that your dog has a bad attitude when he tends to take the lead in the relationship. This may take the form of snapping and snarling when he encounters guests in the house, or barking at you when you try to give him a bath or take him out for a run. If your dog has an attitude problem like this, you should seek help from Off-Leash K9 Training, Northern Virginia.

Dog training Northern Virginia should be focused on making your dog understand that you are the leader and he is simply part of the pack. Why do some dogs grow to think that they are the alpha male in the family? Well, perhaps you didn’t notice that he was developing bad habits until they were manifested recently. For dogs that have developed a bad attitude, a course at dog training Northern Virginia would be greatly beneficial.

Lesson number one in Northern Virginia dog training should always be that your dog has to learn to follow your commands with no exceptions. So you could start off with your dog being trained by Northern Virginia dog trainers to consistently come and sit on command, even outside and off-leash. Eventually the dog training Northern Virginia will focus on you so you will be trained on how to properly use our training system. Your dog should be trained to enter doors on command (after you), to heel on command, to place on command, and to lie down on command, for starters.

One reason your dog developed a bad attitude is that he was left to decipher human behavior on his own. Have you tried talking to your dog? Part of dog training Northern Virginia is to learn how to communicate well with your dog, clear and crisp without yelling. Although scolding will certainly bring a response, you should also learn to praise your dog when he does something right. Teaching your dog wrong from right during Northern Virginia dog training will help eliminate that bad attitude he had developed.

Dog training Northern Virginia should not stop once your dog has emerged from the school. Dogs learn by repetition so always continue Northern Virginia dog training lessons at home until you and your dog have learned to make the dog training Northern Virginia lessons part and parcel of your daily life.

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