Underground Electric Fence Installation in Northern Virginia Instructions

Invisible Fence installation in northern virginia


As official installers for Dog Guard®, we always ensure the owners of our non-visible fence installations in Northern Virginia fully understand what they need to do with their dogs in order to train their dogs on our top-of-the-line fencing system.

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Below, are a list of instructions:

Important Initial Training Reminders

Spend as much time outside with your pet as possible for the first couple of days.

The collar needs to be worn at all time when dog is outside.

Do not leave your pet unattended outdoors for the first couple of days.

Take the dog’s collar off at night for the first month to give his neck a break.

Be sure to tighten collar in the morning.

Do not store the collar on anything metal or electronic; it will drain the battery.

Your dog gets one “get out of jail free card” meaning he may cross the field and sit on the other side.  If this happens, tighten the collar first, then drag him back through by a flag. This should cause him to get a big reaction and correct the issue.  If it happens more than once, you need to call us.

Don’t allow your pet to hide out inside.  It is really important not to baby them. Even if they sit on the step for a few hours that is fine….otherwise they may start going to the bathroom in the house.

If they are afraid you can feed them in the yard to help them understand where they are safe—or you can put them on a leash and walk them out into the yard, get down on the ground and pet them, praise them and release them. If you do this over and over they will understand the boundary.

Do not put them outside in the dark for the first few days until they know their boundary.

Leave all flags up the first week; pull every other one out after a week. The following week pull out every other one—by the end of three weeks all of the flags should be removed.  It is important not to take them all out at once or the dog will think you removed the fence.

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